The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted not only the number of visitors to Macau but also its revenues. The recent lockdowns have significantly impacted business, with more bad news coming out this week about how much it will cost before we see any recovering from these setbacks. MACAU – China’s gambling capital -is suffering through its worst slump in decades, thanks largely due an unprecedented tourism ban that CUBA imposed last year after deeming MQV1 safe again just months earlier following tracing back cases here into March 2017 when they first appeared at high levels until June 2018 where now virtually everyone who entered got infected.

Macau Casinos Win $400 Million During May

Macau Casino Winning Down 68 Percent to 400 Million in May

May was not a great showing for casinos in Macau. While the top line figure ($400 million) may sound good, and that number came from sports betting alone – it’s more serious than appears at first glance because their government relies on gambling to account for roughly 80%(!)of total revenue so such a dramatic decline will have impacts throughout all departments!

The recent casino closures have caused an unexpected shortage of slots in Macau, which is expected to last at least until next year.

When Macau was once considered the best gambling place in the world, it’s now HDD, and COVID-19 restrictions have taken their toll on this former Portuguese colony. Although Las Vegas officially won 600 million dollars last April during peak season when they were open to nonstop US visitors – though there are still some lockdowns going full force right now preventing Chinese citizens from entering any casinos whatsoever –Mumbai may very well take over as far gaming goes due its affordability along with better odds than what you’ll find across town at The Bellagio Hotel.

Downtown Las Vegas Wheel of Fortune Slots Get Another Jackpot

The Wheel of Fortune slot is the game to play if you’re looking for a big win in Las Vegas. These machines are known to deliver life-changing sums of money, as we have another case report on them!

Macau Casino Winning Down 68 Percent to 400 Million in May

A mystery player has just won 1.3 million dollars at the Golden Gate Hotel Casino! This is not their first win in recent months, as they’ve also taken home a jackpot on Wheel of Fortune before with an amount totalling up to almost 2 million dollars!!!

Slot machine luck is hitting the big time! It seems that players can’t get enough of these slot machines. In California, a player won $328k on one fortunate game last month, and then in Connecticut, someone else took home 3 million dollars thanks to their Wheel Of Fortune score – making them seriously wealthy, just like THAT casino guest I saw walking around earlier today (the Mohegan Sun).

Wheel of Fortune is on fire! The manufacturers have said that two other bettors became millionaires this past March. Like their casino said in a Twitter statement, “Our slots are cooking up some serious winnings.”

Resorts World Las Vegas Closes Controversial Taco Joint

Resort world Las Vegas has had a rough start to its era in las vegas, and there’s now some more disappointing news for them. The $4 billion property announced they would be closing their Tacos El Cabron taco joint; while food had decent reviews on Yelp & other sites, it was still an eyesore at this resort because of several scandals involving ownership. After being probed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board ( NgCb ), it turned out that one convicted felon owns a part interest-publicly traded company called “Resort World,” which also operates several hotels around town, including a NY hotel with a casino.

The man known as David Stroj is a convicted bookmaker who has since denied owning Tacos El Cabron. Instead, he says that his father owns the restaurant, and they’re separate entities altogether; nothing to do with each other at all, really, except for some vague connections through bloodline – nothing concrete either way, so far as I can tell!

Resort World announced that they would have instantly acted on Stroj’s involvement if he did possess a stake in the company, but there has been no official word yet as to whether or not this is true. This new negative news only adds to what already feels like an impossible situation for them at their newest location – will we ever know why?

Tacos El Cabron has been closed down for good which is a shame because they were one of our favourite places to visit.