About The SlotFather Part II

The Slotfather has come back to delight fans with his unique yet familiar style. This time, he’s got some cool new tricks that will leave you speechless! If The First Edition was what pulled at your heart strings, then this one is sure not disappointed as it offers even more detail and flair than before, making for an immersive experience like no other.

The Slotfather Gameplay

With the recent release of their newest game, Slotfather Part II has been given a stunning makeover with new features and play style. The older version used 5 reel format, while this newer one offers 243 ways to bet on your luck! Most characters from before are still present, but there are also some newcomers too, so be sure not to miss out when playing at home or online today.

The three wise guys, Frankie!!! Fat Tony and Snake Eye Sam are back to help you collect cash from local businesses. Play the Double Up bonus game and make twice as much on your wins with these two vicious compounds that will do anything for a dollar or more: The truck scatter symbolizes wealth while suitcase wild represents opportunity!

Slotfather Part II has a host of features that make it one of the best games. The 3D graphics are tops, as is seen with all their other impeccable work, but what sells this product for me? Those bonus rounds allow you to win big if you are lucky! Slotfather Part II as well as these progressive slots might have discovered a fascinating gaming genre. These may seem like any normal slot machine or table game, but they are casino big hitters with enormous jackpot amounts. So continue reading if you’re curious about the hype.

The Slotfather Game Symbols

If you missed the waters of crime, we’ve got a few symbols and features that will work jointly to help get your mind right. First off is truck scatter responsible for winning all those pesky scatters across town–land 2 matching instances on any given reel using this symbol and earn yourself some impressive wins! Next up are free spins bonus rounds where wild substituting characters come into play like Fat Tony or Snake Eyes Sammy while also triggering an additional respin if they appear twice within one combo during base gameplay (which can lead towards even greater bonuses). And finally, there’s SlotFather himself, who may be worth more than ever before.

The Slotfather Gameplay

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The Slotfather Gameplay

The slot machine is equipped with 5 reels and 243 ways to win. You can choose between a low bet of 0.0025 or high-stakes play at one dollar per spin! Land three scatters on your screen, and collect them all while they’re still available–you might want this jackpot because it’s likely that no other player has achieved what you’ve done yet… Winnings are taken left-right order whenever 3 matching symbols appear throughout any single game; so get ready for big payouts when playing multiples lines.

The maximum bet and Autoplay options allow you to set a quick, consistent playing session.

Special Features

The Gangster Bonus Feature

Meet three iconic Gangster characters from the first film in this series: Fat Tony, Snake Eyes, Sammy and Frankie. These icons appear on extended symbols that can take all three positions across your reel- each time!–and if you land two identical ones during gameplay, they’ll be held securely until another round begins, where another choice must be made by selecting which payout option would give players the most chances at rewards while also risking what could happen should things go wrong! There are several different options available with varying risks/ Payouts depending upon who triggers them.

Free Spins

3 will award you 8 free spins; 4 is even better with 12, and 5 of a kind gives an amazing 20! You can get cash or more prizes during these rounds, so make sure to meet Mr. Big Boss when he arrives for his reward at the end.

The Double Up Feature

There are several ways to play, but the rules remain simple. Make a Head or Tail guess whether an object will land face up, and you’ll double your winnings! But if it’s wrong, nothing can happen in this case since all stakes would go back into play again with another flip of coins (or cards).

The Slotfather Mobile Play

With its release in recent years, mobile-compatible HTML5 technology has given gamers an equal share of fun. The Slotfather Part II is part of the Betsoft series bringing you this fluid play on the go!

Tips and Strategies

The Big Boss Bonus is an epic prize awarded after the free spins feature. Two gangster symbols trigger a respin, and locked symbols remain during this period – but don’t worry! You can unlock them for big wins with any other symbol appearances throughout your journey through all 20 levels of gameplay.

During the game, you will have to cover 3 or more reels with stacks of gangster symbols. If this is done successfully, there’s a chance for up 175 times your stake plus any other benefits awarded during play, including features where certain businesses pay out in cuts from their total haul!


Betsoft has created two new slots that should thrill you twice as much if you enjoyed the first release. The 243 ways system and highly polished graphics are just some of what make this an exciting game to play! With its excellent 3D slot machines, there is surely no shortage of fun for players who want something different than traditional fruit symbolism or geometric shapes found across many other games today, especially ones with such great sounds! It’s also worth noting how beautifully crafted each scene truly feels when playing through BetmyFather Part II; especially those scenes set outside Old Chicago where traders can be seen selling their wares right off the porch.